A little over two months ago my grandmother passed away. I know everyone has lost a loved one and knows how difficult it is to let them go and accept that they are not with us anymore on earth. But this particular death hurt me to my deepest core.


Jesus is able to clean you!

Lately I've been thinking about how wonderful the love of God is. Every time I receive a blessing, I can not help but wonder, why? Why the Lord always gives me good when I give Him...

Follow your dreams!

In random moments throughout my days I’ll browse through Pinterest, because who doesn’t love Pinterest? Am I right, ladies? Anyway… I found a quote while browsing and it has really stuck with me. It said...

Almost 6 months in France!

I was overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me, I knew that He was with me but at the same time I felt that everything that was happening was too much for me to handle. New language, new friends, new house, new continent, even new climate, But guess what?